Item #W0235

PRICE:  Not Available

Overall length:  65 cm /  25.59 inch 

Blade length: 52 cm / 20.47 inch

Blade thickness: 10 mm (on top of the gangya) and further flexible

Blade width:  90 mm (gangya),  25 mm and fullered.

Archaic Sulu Kris, possibly 1700's










Super old ivory cacatua hilt, with native old repair.

Worn because of use and with splendid old patina.


Handle with silver bands, and braided rattan in between.









Archaic blade, Sulu made from an old import blade (possibly European).

Silver centerpieces on both sides, with floral motifs.


Two silver clamps.


Straight (old style) seperation line on the gangya.


The fullers (on each side one), run all the way to the tip.



Wooden sheath, made of two slabs of wood.

Old repair, several rattan bands missing.