MANDAU  Baram/Redjang area, 19thC.

Item #W0247

PRICE:    € 1350,-          (incl. WW-shipping)

Overall length:  64.5 cm / 25.39 inch 

Blade length: 50 cm /  19.69 inch

Blade thickness: 9 mm (base), 5 mm (middle), 1 mm (near tip)

Blade width: 20 mm (base), 35 mm (middle), 40 mm (widest) 

19th century mandau from Sarawak, Baram/Redjang area, with excellent blade.









Nicely carved hilt, with figure carved on top. 



Handle with braided rattan (no losses), and original old resin damar ring. 



The hilt has small tufts of human hair.






Thick, heavy high quality blade in perfect condition.




Many small brass dots inlaid on the convex side, and also decorated with aso figures.




Small brass dots inlaid at the concave side, only at the shoulder part, just next to the hilt.





Nice curls/krowits at the slope of the blade.




Scabbard in very good condition, with deep carvings on the frontside.


Slabs of wood held together by four rattan bands. Decorated with dyed human tufts of hair.


Rattan belt covered in red fabric, and remnants of old beads and dyed cotton.



Complete with original sideknife.