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Overall length:  31 cm / 12,20 inch 

Weight:  200 grams

Blade length: 16 cm / 6,30 inch

Blade width: 22 mm (base), 17 mm (middle), 10 mm (near the tip) 


Amuntai (South Borneo), pre 1880, Chinese/Malay cross cultural keris-dagger.


Made for a small hand.

Horn hilt with silver ferrule and curved handguard, and a copper endpiece.

Between the handguard and copper endpiece, eight chains are attached with many round bulbs in between the chain. 


Hilt Measurements: 9 cm long, 7,5 cm at the widest (handguard) and 2 cm thick.


Strong sturdy keris blade, nice pamor and pitted.

Blade was all rusty at arrival, and only cleaned superficially.




Wooden scabbard (cracked in the length, but stable and not working crack, because of the tight silver fittings).



Sheath Measurements:  length 21.8 cm, width 3 cm, thick 2 cm.

Additional Info:


A similar dagger (but with straight blade instead of a wavy keris blade and a bone hilt) had been collected by Carl Bock pre 1880 in Amuntai (South Borneo), and is  now in the British Museum collection.                 Collectionnumber: "As,Bk.93"