Human DAYAK SKULL (with provenance)

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19th century provenanced human skull, from Boelongan (East Borneo).

The skull had been in a private Dutch collection, and the original owner was Dr. Henri Polak (married with Fanny Sandbergen).

The skull cap is originally cut into two halves, and connected to eachother with brass wire.

Dr. Henry Julius Polak was born in Paramaribo, and later became a Dutch KNIL officer,  active in Boeton and Surabaya in the early 1900's. 

He also did anthropological research.

The skull  is provided with  an old written text, which tells us the  origin and also there is a collection number.

Photo of Dr.  Henri Polak and Fanny, around 1900 in Indonesia (taken from their Original photo album).