was founded in 2014, after more than 10 years of collecting, researching and writing articles about antique Indonesian weapons and antiques.

The research and writing were done with cooperation of several Dutch museums and their curators, the best Dutch antique dealers, and senior collectors worldwide.


The beating heart of is situated in the south of The Netherlands, the country with a wealth of old Indonesian collections, inheritances, VOC related collectables and other interesting Dutch antiques.

One of the smallest countries in the world, but with its connection in the past with the Indonesian archipelago, the best and untouched antiques can still be found in people's homes and in their attics.

Our antiques are obtained directly from private possessions, old collections and from leading Dutch and foreign auctionhouses.

On you will find the finest purchasable antique Indonesian weapons & artifacts and antique items/art from the Dutch colonial period / Dutch Indies


All offered antiques have been carefully selected by us, using our expertise (gained from researching very old provenanced artifacts in several Dutch museum depots for over 10 years), to guarantee you will get absolutely 100% top quality antiques, as exactly described on, for reasonable prices.

Our clients are collectors, museums, dealers and connoisseurs worldwide.

We also assist you wether you want to sell antiques and art or need expertise and valuations. Foreign trade is always welcome.


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